New York, New York!

Hey folks! We're in the gorgeous, wonderful, amazing city of NYC! We've been making the most of the sunshine and what the city has to offer. We've been staying at my cousin's in Brooklyn, it's nice to have a home! The last few days....

- Times Sq at night, it's so loud it hurts your eyes.
- The Bronx Zoo, the lions and tigers and bears... oh my! As well as some cute monkeys!
- Eating real South Indian food in Queens
- Staten Island ferry for a free view of the Statue of Liberty
- We saw MiB HQ on Battery Ave
- Wall St and NYSE
- World Trade Centre site, it's such a weird gaping hole in the city
- Free film of Rocky in Bryant Park, complete with NY pizza slices
- Empire State Building, a fabulous view of the city, you can see everything from up there
- Metropolitan Museum of Art with mummies
- Guggenheim, undergoing reconstruction, so not actually that interesting
- Brooklyn Bridge at night, a wonderful view of the Manhatten Skyline

Phew! Lots of stuff. Today we're probably going to wander around the trendy districts... perhaps indulge in some shopping... what else can you do? It's a tough life.

We're back in 2 days, so this may well be the last post we make from abroad. It's been a fantastic journey, I hope you've enjoyed the tales too!

Lots of love

Manisha & James x

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We're in Washington DC now! Just popped round to the White House for dinner. Had a chat to abe. And caught up with some guys from CIA in a museum. Tomorrow we'll just look around some cool planes, and maybe a few spaceships. In other news, it's hot here.
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Ok... we left Montreal after doing a ridiculous bike ride a couple of days ago. 

Since we've been in Boston, we've done many things. Most of these things involve consuming too much fat in the form of the Boston Creme Dunkin Donut. It may be our undoing fairly soon. 

We also went whale watching and saw about 100 whales or something... humpbacks! We even saw a mother and her calf. So cute. 


Shakespeare in the park for free!
The Boston Freedom Trail... a big red line going through the city. Very uninformative
Aquarium with the cuuuute penguins
The Cheers bar (amusing for around 7 seconds)

So that's it in a nutshell. There's under 2 weeks until we return home now (assuming flights are still on time etc). We're off to Washington DC in the next couple of days, and then off to New York around the 20th. 

Hope the summer's good, see you all soon.

James & Manisha xx


Well, we made it to Canada. We're now in Toronto, and leaving for Montreal tonight...  The highlights, in your favourite bullet point form...

- Wandering around Toronto, drinking coffee!
- Korean grill, we got to cook our own meat at the table. Ox tongue anyone?
- CN Tower, now the tallest building in the world... pretty good view
- Niagara Falls - as if the mist "lightly" sprays your face... drenched more like!
- Wine tasting... no, I didn't know Canadians did wine either. But they do, and well, especially ice wine. 
- Caribana, the Caribbean festival, with lots of food and music and dancing

We're having a great time, we'll be back in less than 3 weeks! Thanks for following, if you do :P

Lots of love

James & Manisha xx

Going loco down in Acapulco

 And then there were 2.

Happy Birthday James!

We´ve been lazing around in Acapulco,  but we indulged in a bit of Pirates of the Caribbean action yesterday. And Starbucks. Everyone loves a bit of Westernisation.

We´re leaving Mexico on Tuesday for LA and then hopefully Toronto if BA will actually change our flights.

 James is currently doing photographic things, so you will have some photos shortly. 

Adios amigos!


Sun, sea, surf and sand

Manisha & Simon are off galavanting around on their last day together for a while, so I thought I´d update this for anyone who cares!

- After Palenque, we headed to San Cristobal. Lovely little town, so we just wandered, and visited some old villages and learnt about some of their beliefs.... birds being sacrificed in a catholic church, anyone?
- Next up, Oaxaca for some random art museums, cookery course.... and Sarah leaving.
- From here we headed down to Puerto Escondido and now Acupulco for some beach chilling. Went on a boat cruise and saw several crazy people cliff diving. Thought it would be an overhanging edge or something, but no... they have to jump forward quite a way to avoid being dashed against the rock, and ending up in a torrent of foaming water instead.

Erm. I think that´s it! Short n Sweet.

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Hola amigos! ¿Que tal? We´re in sunny Mexico! It´s brilliant here, we´ve been doing some temples, eating lots of Mexican food and generally bumming around. 

Simon´s here now, which is great as I haven´t seen him for 4 months... We´re currently somewhere called San Cristobal, which seems quintessentially Mexican, and very colourful.

In summary, since our last update, we have...

- Bungy jumped! James and I were tied to each other and plummetted off a cliff over a river in Taupo
- Gone caving, went abseiling into the cave, rafted down the river on rubber rings, saw lots of glowworms and rock climbed out
- Flew to LA
- Saw Johnny Depp´s handprints!!! And Kermit the Frog´s star
- Spent a day being kids at Universal Studios in Hollywood (some great pics from that, we will update soon!) Went on the Back to the Future ride and saw Shrek and Terminator 2 in 3D. Very very fun.
- Flew to Mexico
- Spent a few days in Mexico city, visited the largest ancient city of Teotihuacan
- Spent a day in Palenque visiting the ruins - saw a monkey in a tree!

That´s about it folks. Hope you are enjoying the summer months. It´s only a few weeks till we get back now! I´m sure you will have missed us.... somewhat. 

Lots of love 



Zorbing, Hot Springs, Skydive, Bungy

We're waiting around hoping that Manisha and James will be able to throw themselves out of a plane, but the weather looks bad so they're getting depressed and have almost decided to throw themselves off a bridge.  I'm trying to talk them out of it but their eyes are full of doom.  Please post some cheery comments and maybe you will see them again.  If you do not post I will be scraping them off the river bed and posting them home in a box for decent burial.  Yesterday they were so sad they  threw themselves down a hill but luckily they didn't notice that they'd stumbled into a big plastic ball full of water so they bounced and splashed instead of dying horribly.  When they realised they had survived they tried to boil themselves alive.  You are lucky to have this second chance to help them get over their disappointment.  Remember, 10,000 James's and Manisha's throw themselves to their doom every day.  With your help we can end this trail of destruction.

Please save our James and Manisha, their future depends on YOU.

Heading up North!

Time for another quick update folks!

  • Skiing in Queenstown - survived without breaking a leg. Was fun, but not sure I'd be bothered to do a whole holiday of it. But you probably need more than 1 days worth of lessons to get the enjoyment factor. Didn't take advantage of all the numerous other adventure sports, as they nearly all invovled throwing yourself of the bridge or getting very wet in sub zero temperatures!
  • Wanaka - went for a walk that turned a little dicy as the paths turned to ice. Great view over the lake though.
  • Franz Joseph Glacier - went on a 3/4 day walk. The thing was huge, and so amazing... Got to crawl through various tunnels through the ice and get very wet bums. Great fun.
  • Hokitika - did an afternoon of Jade/Bone/Mother of Pearl carving!
  • Punakaiki - we each made a knife. From just a lump of steel, bit of wood and some brass. They are deadly. Be very afraid. You won't believe us until you see the photos. They're great!
  • Abel Tasman - I went off on a sailing boat trip and a bit of a walk while Sarah & Manisha lazed the day away (and did loads of planning!)
  • Kaikoura - Manisha and I went off Whale watching, and saw several sperm whales! Sarah went swimming with hundreds of dolphins. Would hvae loved to have done it too, if it hadn't been for the water being bloody freezing.
  • Wellington - Caught the ferry up to the North island... Sarah's off doing a lord of the rings tour, and then tomorrow or Tuesday we'll be doing a skydive! (well, maybe not Sarah... we'll have to see... hehe). I'm just glad that someone else wil have to step out of the plane so I can't chicken out!

We leave NZ on the 10th and then we're off to LA and then Mexico!

Just read about England's performance in the world cup. How lame is that?!?